Engine Waste Heat Recovery: Latest MAN PTS-PTG System

By George Backwell at February 07, 2014 21:03
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High fuel oil saving potential with reduced auxiliary engine running hours can be achieved with latest waste heat recovery system [More]

New Low-Pressure DF 2-Stroke Engine From Wärtsilä Rolls Out Q3 2014

By George Backwell at November 22, 2013 22:03
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The remarkable significance of a new marine diesel technology just announced by Wärtsilä is that the low pressure, dual-fuel (gas/liquid fuel) benefits that are already available to 4-stroke engines, can now be applied to 2-stroke engines as well, thus making the  technology available to the broader merchant shipping market. The test engine: Photo courtesy of Wärtsilä Wärtsilä, having announced the successful full scale testing on gas of an RT-flex50DF engine, say that the marine industry is already showing significant interest, evidenced by the fact that more than 130 industry executives from 89 leading shipping companies attended the recent introductory event in Trieste, Italy.  In his opening speech at the event, Jaakko Eskola, Senior Executive Vice President and President, Wärtsilä Ship Power, stated: “Dual-fuel engine technology is the future; it is a tide that cannot be turned back. Gas is certain to play an increasingly imp... [More]

Marine Diesel Engine Cylinder Liner Overhaul Tool Upsized

By George Backwell at March 16, 2013 03:44
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Cylinder liners of both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines show signs of wear and tear after extended use, regardless of the latest advances in lubricating oil and liner casting technologies. What's not quite so obvious is that when doing the consequent engine overhauls or engine repairs that involve cylinders, it is predictable that the liners will have to be deglazed and crosshatched. For cylinder deglazing jobs (plateauing as well) one industry standard tool is the compact, portable ball hone from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), who recently announced that its Flex-Hone® tool was available for ‘big bore’ marine diesel engines up to 40-inches in diameter. 'Big Bore' Cylinder Liner: Photo courtesy of Bright Hub Engineering When a cylinder liner comes out of the factory, it will have a slight cross-hatch pattern honed into its surface, an increased roughness to help the liner surface to retain the lubricating oil needed to provide an evenly distributed oil film between t... [More]

Low Cost Fuel Oil Alternative: Development on Track

By George Backwell at January 26, 2013 05:36
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A new low-cost alternative to heavy fuel oil recently came successfully through further tests on the 2-stroke marine diesel engine of a Maersk Line container ship, an engine fairly typical of a type to be found on modern ships.  The tests were carried out in late 2012 by A.P.Møller-Mærsk and a leading marine engine manufacturer. Maersk Triple-E Class Container Ship: Image credit Maersk Line On the back of this test, innovators Quadrise anticipate that commercial volumes of their Marine MSAR®2 bunker oil will be produced progressively from mid-2013, with a full commercial roll-out the following year.Quadrise was formed in the 1990’s by a group of former BP specialists who developed new technology to produce MSAR® (MulPphase Superfine Atomised Residue), from a variety of heavy hydrocarbons with superior combustion characteristics. In 2004 a long term alliance agreement was established with AkzoNobel, a world leader in surface chemistry.MSAR® Fuel Techn... [More]

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