Oil Stress Analysis Gave Key to Shell’s Unique New Lube Oil

By George Backwell at August 04, 2012 08:47
Filed Under: Research & Development
No need to keep different multiple spec lube oils on board any longer say Shell Marine Products as they launched their lube oil, Alexia S4 a few days ago. Their new oil is a ‘one-stop’ solution lube for all climates, all seasons, in a wide range of vessel types with low-speed two-stroke engines, including those steaming at slow and ultra-slow engine speeds. As if that were not enough, Shell also say that the new formulation better protects engines. VLCC: Photo courtesy of Shell Fundamentally though, the introduction of this oil for low-speed, two-stroke marine diesels was founded upon a breakthrough in the understanding of oil stress in this type of  engine, as will be seen.Lube Oil Stress in Slow-speed Marine DieselsOil stress, the single most important factor that governs the lifetime and performance of an engine lubricant, is the name given to those factors which degrade lubricants, making them less effective. Research on oil stress has been done for many years ... [More]

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