ABC introduces newly developed DL36-Diesel Engine series with 10.000 kW

By Peter Pospiech at November 16, 2012 04:45
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Anglo Belgian Corporation is one of Europe’s leading medium speed diesel engine manufacturers. The company has a century of experience in ship propulsion, locomotive traction and power generation solutions. The new DL36 range will expand the ABC market to large vessels such as ferries, coasters, offshore vessels, navy applications, dredgers, large tugboats that will be particularly affected by new edicts in designated emission control areas (ECAs). The design enables shipowners to satisfy future, tougher emissions legislations without having to fit exhaust after-treatment plants. With the 6 and 8-cylinder In-Line DL36 (3.900 / 5200 kW) and the soon to follow V-versions (up to 10.400 kW) the company will be able to supply all major shipyards with solutions for any type or size vessels. The DL36 range will also allow the company to be competitive in the 20-80 MW power plant range.With a bore and stroke of 365 mm by 420 mm, the DL36 will be set to deliver 650 kW/cylinder at 750 rpm ... [More]

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