First dual fuel barge to sail in Europe

By Keith Henderson at November 08, 2011 02:58
Filed Under: Research & Development
In a project sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund, Europe’s first dual fuel inland waterways barge, the MTS Argonon, recently completed acceptance trials for ship owner Deen Shipping, Netherlands. Trico, Netherlands completed her fitting out as an inland waterways tanker. The double hulled vessel has a LOA of 360 ft (110 m) and 6,100 dwt. Propulsion is by twin Caterpillar 3512 DF dual fuel engines with an output of 1,500 hp (1,118 kW) and running on 80 per cent LNG and 20 diesel fuel. The LNG tank is installed on deck and provides sufficient fuel for a return trip from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Basel, Switzerland. A Dual Fuel Management System monitors demand and controls the gas supply according to power output of the engine, rpm, temperature and pressure in the engine manifold in also compensates for changes in ambient temperature, barometric pressure and fuel quality. [More]

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