Marine Diesel Engine Fuel Switch Problems Alleviated by New Technology

By George Backwell at February 19, 2012 03:41
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Diesel engine fuel switching from heavy oil to low sulfur content marine distillates as ships enter the 24-mile offshore Emission Control Area (ECA) of the California Air Resources Board has not always gone smoothly. Now comes an electronic control device, the Diesel Switch MK ll, culmination of ten years' R&D by Swedish manufacturers  JOWA Technology, a tool designed to speed up the whole process while removing the wrinkles from a procedure that demands meticulous attention by ships' engineers. Earlier in the week the company, whose technology has been given a stamp of approval by classification society Germanischer Lloyd, reported orders for installation in ten ships of Norway’s Jo Tanker fleet, as well as in its newbuildings. Tanker Jo Sycamore: Photo credit JOWA Technology Over the past year USCG and other regulators (those in the European Union ECA too) flagged reports of failed main engine start-up, stalling, variable engine speeds at low loads as well as insta... [More]

Open Day on the retrofitted Campbell Foss

By Keith Henderson at September 15, 2011 07:16
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On Tuesday, September 20th, the retrofitted hybrid tug Campbell Foss will be on show at builders Foss Maritime in Rainer Oregon. The world's first hybrid tugboat Carolyn Dorothy will be joined by the sister Dolphin Class, Campbell Foss. which has a retrofitted hybrid propulsion system.
Shipbuilder Foss Maritime carried out the modifications to the 79 ft (24 m) tug which involved removal of the two original Caterpillar 3512B engines. The replacement new electric propulsion motors drive two azimuthing pods. Electric power for the propulsion motors is provided by new diesel generators and / or batteries. The changeover is expected to produce a significant financial benefits through fuel saving and lower exhaust emissions. [More]

World's First Hybrid Tug to Get a Sister

By Keith Henderson at November 15, 2010 11:16
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Foss Maritime Company, is to refit a conventional tug to hybrid operation. A $1 million grant obtained by the Port of Long Beach from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to the Port of Los Angeles will make possible the conversion to provide a second hybrid tug with the aim of reducing harmful exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Foss will retrofit the 24m Dolphin Class tug Campbell Foss with new diesel generators, batteries, and control systems [More]

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