Offshore Supply Vessel by Chevalier a Mini Hotel with Punch

By George Backwell at May 25, 2013 05:20
Filed Under: Company News, Offshore
Offshore wind-farms, oil/gas rigs and platforms, demand service in the North Sea energy sector as new wind turbines are planted at just the same time as a revitalised oil industry booms, fed by recent advances in deepwater energy extraction technologies. The problem is that there are not enough skilled workers to meet the demand, according to a recent BBC focus on reborn offshore services hub Aberdeen, Scotland; and alarmingly the shortage is likely to become progressively more acute. Present-day employers need to hold on to highly-trained staff, and one of the ways to do that is to keep them as comfortable as possible as they journey to-and-fro the offshore installations on the frequently lumpy North Sea.Recognising the trend, Chevalier Floatels commissioned Holland Shipyards  to convert and upgrade extensively their Offshore Service Vessel (OSV) DP Gezina, remarking wisely : “In the end it is the engineers who determine the success of any project. Preventing seasickness an... [More]

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