Classic Yacht With Unique Hybrid Propulsion

By George Backwell at June 09, 2012 08:58
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Reborn J-class yacht Rainbow will compete against three others later this month in a class-dedicated Falmouth, UK, sailing regatta. What’s so unusual about this big 140-ft yacht is its hybrid propulsion and power system, as we shall see. First though, the design concept. J-class Superyacht Rainbow: Photo courtesy of Holland JachtbouwThe classic yacht was launched earlier this year from Holland Jachtbouw’s yard in The Netherlands, based upon the lines of the original 1934 America’s Cup winner.The project’s naval architects Dykstra & Partners also partnered with deVosdeVries design on the interior. The original Rainbow (scrapped in 1940) was drawn by William Starling Burgees in the early 1930s whose design has now been incorporated into an all-aluminium yacht that meets the J-class Association maximum performance rules. The first Rainbow, a thoroughbred racing yacht had no engine room so there was not a great deal of space to accommodate one within the l... [More]

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