What fuel will ocean-going ships be burning 16 years down the road?

By George Backwell at March 14, 2014 22:23
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Heavy fuel oil will remain the main fuel for deep sea shipping in year 2030 indicates new research from Lloyd’s Register and University College London’s Energy Institute. In a complex study involving many inter-related factors,  ‘Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030’ (GMFT 2030) limits itself to the container ship, bulk carrier/general cargo and tanker (crude & chemical/products) sectors which represent about 70% of the shipping industry’s fuel demand. VLCC: File photo Marine fuels considered: Ranged from liquid fuels used today (HFO, MDO/MGO) to their bio-alternatives (bio-diesel, straight vegetable oil) and from LNG and biogas to methanol and hydrogen (derived both from methane or wood biomass) were included in the study.Engine technologiesIncluded were 2 or 4-stroke diesels, diesel-electric, gas engines and fuel cell technology. Since the uptake of certain fuels is influenced by them, a wide range of energy efficiency technologies and abatement solu... [More]

New Diesel by MAN Fulfils Container Ship Low-load Engine Needs

By George Backwell at July 28, 2012 08:16
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Container ship operators looking for the lowest possible fuel oil consumption at any engine load will be interested to hear word from MAN Diesel & Turbo that the first super-long-stroke large bore two-stroke engine specifically designed for them, the S90ME-C9.2, has just successfully completed trials on Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division’s  test bed. Marine Diesel Engine MAN S90ME-C9.2: Photo credit Man Diesel & Turbo The new engine, of reduced size for container ship engine rooms (although the largest ever designed by MAN) is based on the VLCC-optimised S90ME-C8 engine, as operators look to reduce operating costs through slow steaming, turbocharger cut out and low-load engine optimisation; all of which are offered by the new engine. Engine Design Concept – MAN S90ME-C9.2 Low-speed two-stroke main engines of MAN’s existing MC type, with a chain driven camshaft, have limited flexibility with regard to fuel injection and exha... [More]

LNG Fueled 9000 TEU Container Ship From KHI

By Keith Henderson at January 24, 2012 07:43
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Japan’s shipbuilder Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) is showing a new design of LNG fueled container ship. The design and development are at an advanced stage and Classification Society DNV has granted Approval in Principle.The container ship, of 9,000 TEU capacity, has an LOA of 1,010 ft (308 m), beam of 157 ft (48 m) and draft of 47 ft (14.5 m). The ship will be propelled by a single, electronically controlled, slow speed, two stroke, dual fuel main engine and will be offered with EGR which satisfies IMO Tier3 requirements. It is the first time that Type B, LNG storage tanks will be used on such a large container ship. Type B tanks continuously produce boil-off evaporating LNG and must be used up for propulsion or powering auxiliaries in port, for example supplying power for reefer containers. [More]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions – New Consumer Guide to Eco-friendly Ships

By George Backwell at December 12, 2010 22:59
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Richard Branson (founder of the iconic Virgin brand that includes Virgin Airways) has put his financial muscle behind the launch of an apparently non-profitmaking website, ShippingEfficiency.org that assigns a 1 to 7 rating for greenhouse gas emission to each and every ship (excepting naval vessels) in a database of about 60,000 ocean going ships.  Branson and like-minded business leaders have it in mind by this means to blow the whistle on ships that fail to measure up in the fight against global warming.Leader of the project, Peter Boyd, explained the idea in a Sky News interview on 6, December 2010: "You can go online and see an estimate of how clean or dirty the ship is." Meaning that owners can show details of their fleet to eco-friendly shippers and potential charterers, enabling international brand name shippers with global trading patterns to pick ships with the best eco-friendly ratings to carry their products. It is with this business spin-off in mind that may lead some ... [More]

MHI Apply Bubble Bath Concept to New Container Ship Design

By George Backwell at October 19, 2010 10:38
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MHI announce environmentally friendly, fuel-saving design for New Panamax Container Ship [More]

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