Marine Diesel Engine Burns Cargo & Fuel Oil, Wins Contract for MAN

By George Backwell at December 29, 2012 04:07
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Dual-fuel gas injection marine diesel engines gain popularity with LNG carrier operators, confirmed, say MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT) by a recent order from Teekay Corporation for two 173,400 cubic metre capacity LNG carriers to be powered by ‘M’-type, electronically controlled, gas injection (ME-GI) 5G70 engines. A contract option with builders, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) of South Korea, allows for three more of the same large ships.Unveiled at a major event at MDT’s Copenhagen Diesel Research Centre last year, the ME-GI engine represents the culmination of many years’ work that began in the 1990s with the company’s prototype MC-GI dual-fuel engine that entered service at a power plant in Chiba, near Tokyo, Japan in 1994. MAN ME-GI engine test – engine in background: Photo credit MAN A full-scale test on the 4T50ME-GI research engine in Copenhagen demonstrated that the engine, operating on high-pressure gas delivered from a ... [More]

ROK Navy FFX to use Rolls-Royce MT30s

By Keith Henderson at June 28, 2012 04:32
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Rolls-Royce is specified as gas turbine supplier for the Republic of Korea Navy’s new Incheon Class (FFX Batch II) frigate program, marking a first supply of the MT30 to an Asian Navy: The Incheon was built at HHI and is scheduled to be commissioned in summer 2013. Eight ships are planned for the FFX class and will be built at HHI and DSME. A further 18 ships are projected to enter service by 2020 to replace the Po Hang and Dong Hae classes. The frigate of 2,300 displacement has an LOA of 374 ft (114 m). The propulsion system is a two shaft CODAG arrangement with a single MT 30 gas turbine that delivers up to 36MW of power and diesel engines provide for lower power requirements. The maximum speed is 30 kn and cruising speed is 18 kn giving a range of approximately 4,500 nm. [More]

Construction Starts on World’s Largest Container Ship

By Keith Henderson at May 24, 2012 07:53
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This month saw the steel cutting ceremony of the first of Maersk Line’s Triple-E class of twenty ships at DSME Okpo shipyard, S.Korea: ordered last year, the first ships are scheduled for delivery next year. The ‘Triple-E’ class is estimated to produce 50 per cent less emissions than the industry average on the Asia-Europe route and 35 percent less fuel per container. The 165,000 dwt vessel has a LOA of 1,300 ft, beam of 194 ft and with a draft of 48 ft will be too deep to use the Panama Canal, but will be able to transit the Suez Canal. The top speed of 23 knots will allow a much lower propulsion power to be used and it is expected that twin MAN B&W G series of ultra long stroke two stroke, slow speed engines of around 32 MW each will be specified. [More]

Oman Shipping Names Two Valemax Bulkers

By Keith Henderson at May 22, 2012 07:52
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Oman Shipping Company (OSC) today celebrated a double naming ceremony of two of the world’s largest dry bulk carriers at builder Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Company, China. The 200,000 GT vessels have an LOA of 1,187.7 ft, and deadweight of 400,000 t. In total, 35 ships of this class are being built by four different shipyards, two in China and two in South Korea. There are slight differences in the ship dimension according to the builder and preferences in engine supplier and type. The vessels produce very low emissions on a cargo ton per mile basis and consequently the Valemax Class is one of the most efficient dry bulk carriers in service 35 per cent reduced emissions. [More]

Wing-in-Gound Effect Craft – Korean Shipbuilders Believe Future is Here

By George Backwell at March 31, 2012 22:18
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Wing-in-Ground (WIG) craft development took a firm step forward with the recent announcement that two Korean companies –  Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and Wing Ship Technology Corp –   are to co-operate to make production of WIG craft a viable operating and commercial proposition. The offshore support vessel market is in their sights, and they also have plans to develop a 200-seat WIG craft for military use. Wing Ship Technology successfully produced their 50-seat prototype WSH-500 (classed by Lloyd’s Register) late last year with $6.3 million funding assistance from DSME. Wing-in-Ground Effect Craft WSH-500: Photo courtesy of Wing Ship Technology Corp. WIG Concept & Maritime SafetyA WIG craft is a vessel capable of operating completely above the surface of the water on a dynamic air-cushion. The 'ground effect' refers to what a pilot (commonly passengers too ) feels when landing a large aircraft – just before touchd... [More]

Daewoo Enters Submarine Export Market

By Keith Henderson at January 31, 2012 06:14
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South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), announced their first export order for submarines for Indonesia. The order is for three modified Type 209 diesel electric submarines: two boats will be built in South Korea and the third one at the Indonesian shipyard of PT PAL in Surabaya. The total value of the contract is approximately US $1.1 billion and construction is due to commence this month with planned commissioning dates of 2018. The Indonesian DSME209 Class submarine is a conventional attack class submarine and is larger than the Korean Navy’s original Chang Bogo Type 209/1200 Class. It has an LOA of 200 ft (61 m) with a 20.7 ft (6.3 m) hull diameter and a surface displacement of 1,400 tons. The propulsion system comprises four MTU 12V396 SE84 gensets each rated at 700 kW at 1800 rpm driving a single screw. [More]

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