General Electric powers UT755XL PSV-Vessel UNBEATABLE

By Peter Pospiech at April 11, 2013 03:15
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Rosetti Marino SpA of Ravenna has delivered to Fratelli D’Amato SpA of Naples the new Platform Supply Vessel “FD UNBEATABLE”, the newest arrival presented by the Ravenna shipbuilder headed by Medardo Ranieri, built for the Shipping Company owned by Mr. Luigi D’Amato. Over 7 metres longer than its previous eight “sisters”, the specifications for the DP2 UNBEATABLE are: length 82 m; beam 16 m; deadweight 3400t; propulsion 2 variable pitch propellers, each approximately 3 metres in diameter and set at the end of shafts driven by 2 General Electric type 16V 228 diesel engines, rated 2.790 kW@955 rpm. Main generating sets: 2 x 296kWe 60Hz with DEUTZ engine of type BF6M1015MC and one emergency-harbour generating set: 1 x 120kWe 60Hz with DEUTZ diesel engine of type BF6M1013MC. The complete engines are supplied and installed by the well-known Italian engine distributor IML motori s.p.a. (Industrie Meccaniche Lombarde). Max speed is around 14.0 knots, range... [More]

DEUTZ introduces with the TCD2015M a new generation of marine engines

By Peter Pospiech at August 23, 2012 03:49
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After long years of absence the founder of combustion engines, the famous DEUTZ Company, comes with a new electronically / mechanically controlled diesel engine for marine application back on the market. The new TCD 2015 M has been developed based on its predecessor the 1015M. The already existing robust base design has been strengthened, the thermodynamics optimized and an electronically controlled injection system has been applied.The TCD 2015M comes as a six-cylinder unit in 90 degrees v-configuration with a total displacement of 11.9 l and as an eight-cylinder version with a total displacement of 15.9 l. Bore and stroke are of 132 by 145 mm which results in a displacement per cylinder of 2 l. Like all marine engines from DEUTZ, also the new development fulfills the stringent marine specific application requirements of the classification societies. Water-cooled exhaust manifolds and turbo-charger, double-walled injection lines, switchable fuel-filter and keel or raw-water cooling sy... [More]

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