Diesel-Electric Hybrid Dive Support Vessel a Swiss Army Penknife

By George Backwell at May 03, 2013 22:34
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A diesel-electric hybrid power and propulsion contract for an unusual catamaran dive support vessel (DSV) has been won by Canada-based Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) who solved the owner’s quest for a system that would operate at peak efficiency while ensuring that safety and redundancy measures were in place.  Australia’s Bhagwan Marine’s 56-m DSV was designed by Incat Crowther, also in Australia, and is to be built at the Keppel Singmarine shipyard in Singapore. Multi-purpose Dive Support Vesse: Image courtesy of Incat Crowther Now, here’s a Swiss Army knife of an offshore vessel if ever there was one, designed from the keel up to perform six key roles: dive support, geophysical survey, geotechnical survey, cargo transport, hyperbaric rescue and safety standby. Such varied roles demand a multitude of propulsion responses, including liberal idle times while under way, and AKA’s ‘Duty-cycle analysis’ with its XeroPoint Hybrid system see... [More]

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