Cummins New EPA Tier 3 Engine Gets Severe Pre-Market Workout

By George Backwell at January 12, 2013 20:40
Filed Under: Marine Diesel Engines, Workboats
Cummins Marine took their time so as to make doubly sure before releasing their new EPA Tier 3 compliant engine to the market; just in time to breast the tape before the deadline for the EPA standard for 2.5 to 3.5-liter per cylinder engines took effect on New Year’s Day. That was because they needed time to give their new QSK50 EPA Tier 3 engine a thorough work-out in a real marine working environment (and a tough one at that, as we shall see) on top of earlier test-bed trials in the factory.What better than to install the new engine in a working towboat – which is just what they did last August –  so that by mid-December 2012 the engine under test had done its job for about 1720 hours, in one of Enterprise Marine’s towboats, the  Eugenie, under the sharp eye of Cummins’ engineers. Towboat 'Eugenie': Photo courtesy of photographer Ron Richardson/Dick's Towboat Gallery The Eugenie’s  natural habitat as a push boat working the US inlan... [More]

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