Hybrid Rescue Launch

By Keith Henderson at October 18, 2011 08:01
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A Dutch company Fast RSQ is offering an emission friendly and noiseless solution at low speed for operators of rescue vessels at sea or in harbours. The company offers a 22 ft (7.2 m) rescue craft with a hybrid propulsion system for. The seawater resistant aluminum hulled boat has an LOA of 7.2 m and beam of 2.65m and weighs 2.2 t empty with fuel and inventory: with a full load of 15 persons weighs approximately 3.4 tons. The Steyr Hybrid Propulsion system comprises a 6 cylinder 3.2 liter Steyr diesel with an Alamarin 230 water jet providing a maximum speed of 34 kn with a three man crew. On electric drive there the top speed is 6 kn. Control of the total hybrid system is effected by the fully automatic Steyr Control Center [More]

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