Post Panamax Solar Hybrid Supertanker

By Keith Henderson at November 29, 2011 05:17
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Sauter Carbon Offset Design (SCOD) presented earlier this month, their latest project, Emax
Deliverance - a DynaWing Solar Hybrid Supertanker. The 330,000 dwt tanker is designed to
pass through the larger locks of the post 2014 Panama Canal. The hull is slender and uses a
Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS) that reduces resistance and therefore delivers higher
efficiency. Propulsion is by a twin arrangement of a pusher propeller with a counter rotating
puller propeller on steerable pod, powered by W„rtsil„ dual fuel LNG engines with additional
power coming from a Solbian solar power generating array, in addition there are twenty masts
supporting DynaWing sails. A nett benefit is claimed to be a reduction in GHG emissions of
between 70 to 85 per cent equating to a total reduction of CO2 of 3 million tons over the 25 year
life of the vessel. [More]

Black Magic for Green Vessels

By Keith Henderson at September 05, 2010 18:43
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Richard Sauter the founder of Sauter Zero Carbon Design, is showing a way forward for commercial ships of the future. Called Black Magic, she is a 4,000 ton solar hybrid vessel that claims to reduce GHG by 75 to 100 per cent by capturing energy from the sun, wind and waves. The unusual wave piercing pentamaran hull is powered by several propulsion methods solely or in combinations. A large solar cell area of 2,000 square meters allows the vessel to operate at her maximum speed of 16 kts. A high efficiency azimuth propulsion system drives counter rotating Contracted Loaded Tip (CLT) propellers. Wind propulsion produced by three pairs of fully rotational wing sails can propel the ships at 10 kts. Contributing to the low emission claims is the use of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® exhaust treatment on the diesel generators of the diesel electric propulsion system. [More]

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