GRE – an Alternative to Ships' Metal Pipes

By George Backwell at August 20, 2011 22:23
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Pipework typically needs to be replaced two or three times during the lifetime of a ship, but arising from recent advances in manufacturing technology there are alternatives to ferrous metal pipework. Dubai-based multinational manufacturers Future Pipe Industries (FPI), who are in the forefront of this developing technology, assert that their GRE (Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy) pipes will last the whole lifetime of the ship. Pipework Safety Issues Pipes remain unnoticed as they go quietly about their business, which is mainly to convey fluid of some kind (air and gas too) throughout a labyrinth of pipework that invades  almost every space in the ship, and which, according to a jointly authored paper by Standard P&I Mutual Insurance Club and RINA, is a system like no other with such enormous potential to cause fire, pollution, and flooding. Examining the causes of accidents involving burst and leaking pipes, classification society DNV judged that corrosion was one of the majo... [More]

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