Power Failure Engine Re-start Speed-up in New Maersk Drillships

By George Backwell at November 15, 2013 22:51
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If power is lost to a DPS-controlled drill-ship’s thrusters there is a risk that the rig will drift off its position, which can potentially give rise to huge impacts and the risk of damage to the subsea equipment (Blow Out Preventer (BOP), Riser, and associated equipment). Along with such an unfortunate occurance also will come significant financial impacts; the cost of repairs, new equipment and lost day rates. Clearly, in the event of a power loss, the speed of engine re-start is of critical important. Drill-ship building scene: Photo courtesy of Maersk Drilling Since 2011 Maersk Drilling has invested USD 4.5 billion in seven new drilling units; three ultra harsh environment jack-ups at Keppel FELS in Singapore and four ultra deepwater drill-ships at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. In the design of the drill-ships’ electrical propulsion system, Maersk say that their engineers, set the engine emergency start-up time bar higher, looking for a decrease in the usual ... [More]

Marine Diesel Engine Fuel Savings With ETI’s UltraBurn®

By George Backwell at October 11, 2013 23:19
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Fuel saving with cost-effective exhaust gas emissions reduction was recently documented by two American ferry operators who installed the UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst System in vessels plying routes in the Pacific Northwest. Houston-based Emissions Technology (ETI) provided the system for the main and auxiliary diesel engines of the three public authority ferries. M/V Guemes Island Ferry: Photo credit CCL Dustin Creviston Skagit County Ferry Operations Division reported a reduction in black smoke of over 43% and double digit reductions in other emissions aboard their M/V Guemes Island Ferry earlier this year. More recently Pierce County Public Works and Utilities Division recorded fuel cost savings of  32% during a six month working period (ending September 2013) by their ferries M/V Steilacoom II and M/V Christine. How does the system work?Basically the UltraBurn Combustion Catalyst System improves heavy duty diesel engine performance by stimulating a more complete burn th... [More]

Ferry to Sail Clean Through World Heritage-listed Waters

By George Backwell at July 20, 2013 00:22
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Wärtsilä has been awarded an important retrofitting contract by the German shipyard, BVT-Brenn-und Verformungstechnik Bremen GmbH to convert the Ostfriesland, a car and passenger ferry (owned by Aktien-Gesellschaft ‘EMS’) to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel. Ferry MV Ostfriesland: Photo courtesy of Wärtsilä The ferry’s route is between Emden and Borkum Island on the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park, an ecologically sensitive UNESCO World Heritage listed area in the southeastern part of the North Sea, and the retrofit will significantly reduce the ship’s environmental impact.The Ostfriesland’s diesel-electric configuration will be powered by two 6-cylinder Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel generating sets utilising a Wärtsilä proprietary LNGPac, which is a complete system that comprises onboard liquid natural gas bunkering, storage tanks, and handling equipment with related safety and automation systems. The scope of... [More]

Genset Upgrade for Engine 'Workhorse' by MAN Diesel & Turbo

By George Backwell at March 18, 2012 00:52
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MAN Diesel and Turbo said last week it will up-rate its popular four-stroke diesel GenSet L23/30H by almost 10% of current values (any more than that and the design would have to be submitted to classification societies for ‘Type Approval’ thus increasing costs and taking more time). Introducing the upgrade, MAN adds a footnote lauding this particular engine, the classic 23/30 model first introduced by subsidiary Holeby fifty or so years ago, as one of its ‘original workhorses’, mentioning too an increase in orders for the new version of this, the Mk.2 engine . On the understanding that a workhorse is something that does a large amount of dull or routine work faithfully —  providing a ship’s electrical power seems to fit  —   then the title is well-earned by the GenSet. What made it so popular? Genset Turbocharger Detail: Photo courtesy of MAN Electricity Generator Workhorse in the MakingUnsurprisingly it was the saving ... [More]

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