Polishing or Cleaning of Propellers

By Keith Henderson at April 24, 2012 00:55
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The Hydrex Group April 2012 Journal of Ship Hull Performance includes a White Paper
called the 'Ship Propeller Maintenance: Polish or Clean. It explains how to save up 15
per cent of propulsion fuel costs without harm to the environment. A propeller is most
efficient when its surface is smooth, immersed in water, within hours it starts to loose its
smoothness and become rough. The rougher a propeller is allowed to become before it is
remedied, the more rapid further roughness occurs in an ever worsening spiral. In trials by the
US Navy after 226 days out of drydock the average fuel consumption required to maintain a given
speed had increased by 15.8 per cent. After cleaning the propellers (only), the fuel consumption
increase dropped to 5.5 per cent. Thus in seven months the propellers alone were responsible for
a 10 per cent increase in fuel consumption. The conclusion of the White Paper is that "a little and
often" is preferable to "seldom and severe" when it come to propeller cleaning. [More]

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