LNG Fueled 9000 TEU Container Ship From KHI

By Keith Henderson at January 24, 2012 07:43
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Japan’s shipbuilder Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) is showing a new design of LNG fueled container ship. The design and development are at an advanced stage and Classification Society DNV has granted Approval in Principle.The container ship, of 9,000 TEU capacity, has an LOA of 1,010 ft (308 m), beam of 157 ft (48 m) and draft of 47 ft (14.5 m). The ship will be propelled by a single, electronically controlled, slow speed, two stroke, dual fuel main engine and will be offered with EGR which satisfies IMO Tier3 requirements. It is the first time that Type B, LNG storage tanks will be used on such a large container ship. Type B tanks continuously produce boil-off evaporating LNG and must be used up for propulsion or powering auxiliaries in port, for example supplying power for reefer containers. [More]

"K" Line's LNG Powered Car Carrier Project

By Keith Henderson at August 23, 2011 05:52
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Shipping line K-Lines, Japan is developing, KHI and DNV, a car carrier to be powered by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). The vessels of length 470 ft (143 m) will have a capacity for 2,000 automobiles and is planned to be in service by 2015. The vessel will have two LNG tanks, each in its own independent compartment. Propulsion is by twin Kawasaki KG-12 in-line twelve cylinder Green Gas engines each of 5MW at 720 rpm via a twin input, single output (TISO) gearbox driving a single CP propeller. [More]

Solar assisted power 2

By Keith Henderson at June 09, 2011 06:54
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The two year experiment on the solar-power assisted MS Auriga Leader Car & Truck Carrier of 60,213 GT., jointly developed by NYK and Nippon Oil Corporation has now elapsed and the findings have been released. Despite early optimistic results, the conclusion is disappointing. The tests have shown that providing a stable power supply from the photovoltaic panels is difficult because even a slight change in the weather has a significant influence on the amount of power generated. NYK has not however lost hope and is persevering together with Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK). They are initiating further tests starting June 2011, to verify the effects of a new jointly developed hybrid power supply system to control the fluctuating output of the solar panels and diesel generator to deliver a stabilized the supply to the vessel’s electrical power system. [More]

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