LEMAG Fuel Quality Improver (FQI) Safety-Homogenizer - Fuel savings and sludge reduction!

By Peter Pospiech at September 14, 2012 09:03
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The LEMAG Fuel Quality Improver (FQI) is designed to solve the problems ship owners and operators face when running on heavy fuel. Heavy fuel oil has been homogenized successfully for many years. This process considerably improves the fuel quality and results in a better combustion. The homogenizer breaks up the long asphaltene chains in the fuel and enables these to be burnt accordingly. Several ship owners have reported fuel savings of 1% by improving fuel quality accordingly.  It is also possible to use a homogenizer to reduce sludge by approx. 50%. To achieve this two LEMAG safety-homogenizers have to be installed, one before the purifier and one in the booster circuit before the duplex filter. The return of investment should be achieved within less than a year.  However, a homogenizer should not and cannot be used to alter cat-fines. These have to be removed to avoid the fuel acting as a ‚lapping paste’ for the fuel injection parts and cylinders. LEMAG's F... [More]

LEMAG SEEAmag®- a valuable tool for KPI analysis

By Peter Pospiech at August 16, 2012 12:38
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With ever increasing pressures on operating costs it is vital to have exact knowledge of all relevant parameters readily available to be able to optimize these accordingly. Hamburg based Lehmann & Michels has created a new cost control system called LEMAG SEEAmag® which is a modular system that can be combined to achieve a most cost-effective solution for ship owners. A return of investment can be achieved within 12 months, usually however within 6 months.  Fuel savings of over 1 million Euros per annum/vessel are possible, especially if the vessels are bunkering in areas that are not considered to be trustworthy!The LEMAG SEEAmag ® measures, records and analyses key data to help the ship management and improve the vessels efficiency by enabling in depth analyses and fleet comparisons. > Monitoring of all fuel oil consumption for M/E, A/E and Boiler split between MGO and HFO current, per trip etc.> Effective control during bunkering optional using bunker flow-m... [More]

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