New Dual-Fuel Marine Diesel Engine on the Stocks From Caterpillar

By George Backwell at May 31, 2013 23:53
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Dual-fuel (DF) diesel engine demand in land and marine power markets has stimulated designs from leading engine builders over the past decade, not least Caterpillar, who say they are working on a new medium-speed dual fuel engine the  M34DF.Development of these engines is spurred by the increased availability of gaseous fuels, the much lower level of noxious exhaust emissions associated with them, as well as the benefits of reduced engine maintenance and longer intervals between power plant overhauls. Natural gas is also a safe fuel, both lighter than air and with a relatively high ignition temperature. Dual-fuel Diesel Engine M34DF: Image courtesy of Caterpillar Caterpillar’s MaK™ product line, manufactured in Germany and China will feature the new M 34 DF from October 2014.  It has a power rating of 500 kW per cylinder at 720 and 750 rpm in diesel and gas modes, and will share the same footprint as the popular M32C engine series.“It was important for us th... [More]

New Denmark - Germany RoPax Ferries

By Keith Henderson at April 05, 2012 07:55
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Two new RoPax ferries, the Berlin and Copenhagen being built by P+S Werften, Germany will be commissioned this year to provided the Scandlines service between Gedser, Denmark and Rostock, Germany. The sea distance traveled is 26 miles in depths of 14 to 21 m with Gedser harbour being only 7 m deep. The vessel LOA 170 m has a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 90 trucks or 160 automobiles. Five MaK 9M32C CR, common rail diesel engines each with an output of 4500 kW at 600rpm power a single 5-bladed CPP, and two Azipull electric thrusters each of 3,500 kW. [More]

New MaK Dual Fuel Engine Series

By Keith Henderson at December 13, 2011 05:57
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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems recently announce the development of a new MaK M46DF series as a dual fuel engine suitable for electric or mechanical propulsion. The 46DF series is offered with a power output of 900 kW per cylinder at both 500 and 514 rpm engine speeds. When operating on LNG, it complies with IMO III as well as EPA Tier 4 regulations.
The new M46DF series has the same main dimensions and interfaces as the 43C series, simplifying the substitution of the 46DF engine in 43C applications and there is the possibility to retrofit existing 43C engines to dual fuel operation. Availability of the DF series is 2014. [More]

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