Russian Navy Refits Cold War Submarine – Orders French Assault Ships

By George Backwell at December 03, 2011 23:26
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Russia plans to have ten new nuclear powered attack submarines by year 2020, the first now delayed until the end of 2012; in the meantime the Navy has to make the best they can of it with an ageing fleet. A case in point –  the Russian nuclear submarine SSN Voronezh  (K-119) –  an Oscar ll class veteran ‘cold war’ warrior launched in 1988 came out of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Centre last week after entering dock (no less than five years’ ago) for ‘emergency’ repairs to the main steam turbine engine and a change of uranium fuel in her two reactors. According to Russian Navy News Service the warship has now been repaired and refitted so that her service life with Russia’s Northern Fleet will be extended for another three years. One more cold war nuclear submarine veteran has already replaced Voronezh in the repair dock. Russian Nuclear Submarine SSN Voronezh: Photo courtesy of JSC Zvezdkochka Repair Centre Analysts consi... [More]

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