New Fireboats With Voith Propulsion Amongst World’s Most Powerful

By George Backwell at August 09, 2013 23:29
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Voith Schneider propellers and turbo couplings will be propelling two fireboats designed by Robert Allan Ltd. for the Port of Long Beach, USA. With a water pumping capacity of more than 40,000 gallons per minute they will be among the world's most powerful fireboats.Fireboat DesignRobert Allan Ltd. has in recent years designed a significant number of emergency response vessels for major port cities around the world. Primarily configured as fireboats, these platforms also frequently serve as Command and Control centres or as primary response vessels for local emergency actions, such as pollution response and search and rescue. They have a diverse array of configurations and fire-fighting performance. RAnger-class 4600 Fireboat: Image courtesy of Robert Allan Ltd. Based on the successful operation of numerous prototype fireboat designs, the Vancouver-based naval architects have created the RAnger Class of fireboats in a range of lengths and Fi-Fi capacity. These are intended generally to... [More]

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