Nor Lines orders two LNG cargo vessels

By Keith Henderson at October 04, 2011 07:56
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Nor Lines the Norwegian logistics and shipping company has ordered two liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueled cargo vessels of 5,000 dwt with an option on two further vessels, at Tsuji Heavy Industries (Jiangsu) Shipyard, China. The ship is a Rolls-Royce Marine design for a mixed cargo vessel and follows an Environmental Ship Concept (Environship) presented at the this year’s Nor-Shipping Exhibition and Conference and winning the Next Generation Award. The vessel has an LOA of 394 ft (120 m) and uses a Bergen B Series lean burn gas engine type B35:40 V12 developing 3,930 kW (5,268 hp) at 750 rpm. A Hybrid Shaft Generator (HSG)system is specified, reducing the need to run auxiliary gensets. The shaft generator can also operate as a power take-in motor thereby providing redundancy for the propulsion system. [More]

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