HybriDrive Propulsion System

By Keith Henderson at November 17, 2011 06:21
Filed Under: Company News
At the recent Ft Lauderdale Boat Show, Northern Lights Inc, manufacturers of generators and Lugger brand diesels announced a hybrid propulsion system. It combines their long standing expertise in marine generator design with BAE Systems’ HybriDrive technology, used with considerable success in commercial motor vehicles in several countries. Currently in service in over 3,500 applications worldwide, the HybriDrive system uses a Propulsion Control System (PCS) to direct power produced from the generator(s) for immediate use, or hold it in an Energy Storage System (ESS) - a special battery pack, to later provide emission free and silent power from the electric propulsion motor. The system is applicable to sailing yachts as well as motor yachts. The electric propulsion motor can also operate as a generator to charge the ESS by harnessing the energy of a “windmilling” propeller. [More]

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