Northern Sea Route Opening For 2012 Season

By Keith Henderson at June 21, 2012 08:14
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The Vilkitsky Strait between the Siberian coast and the islands of Severnaya Zemlya is one of the key areas for navigating the Northern Sea Route,, is already devoid of fast ice, one month earlier than last year. The Russian operator of nuclear icebreakers, Rosatomflot, is expecting the season to start with smaller vessels, around 20,000 dwt, larger vessels of greater draft, will take a more northerly route available in July. If conditions remain favourable the route could remain open as late as November. Use of the Northern Sea Route has increased rapidly during the last two years. In 2010, four vessels used the route with a total cargo of 111 000 tons, in 2011, 34 vessels sailed from Europe to Asia with a total cargo of 820,000 tons. The prognosis for 2012 is that cargo volume is expected to double to 1,5 million tons. [More]

2011 Northern Sea Route now open

By Keith Henderson at July 05, 2011 02:21
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Last week on the 30th June the 2011 Northern Sea Route (NSR) “opened” for sea transit along the northern shore of Russia. The nuclear powered icebreaker NS Yamal , left Murmansk to rendezvous with the oil tanker MV Preseverance and escort her along the NSR to her China destination. The passage is expected to take around 20 days, cutting the time in half compared to a Suez route. Several other ships are planned to use the NSR this summer and already several ice classification tankers are gathering in Kola Bay ready for the next ice breaker escorted convoy. It is anticipated that approximately 15 large oil tankers will transit the route. [More]

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