Rugged Engines Power New Gulf of Mexico Beauty

By George Backwell at February 28, 2014 22:26
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American shipbuilders rarely deliver a ship that’s built for heavy duty offshore rig supply work that also turns heads, but a recent delivery from Houma, Louisiana-based New Generation Shipbuilding is already doing just that with the new 171-ft ‘Mr. Ernie’. OSV Mr. Ernie: Photo credit: Cummins Hotips/Alan Haig-Brown This striking vessel was built for same-name owner Ernie Vicknair and his partner Joe Gregory for rig support work in the Gulf of Mexico.  According to Cummins Hotips, credit for the distinctive super-structure design goes to Incat-Crowther, although the design and engineering support team also included Parfait Maritime; Mino Marine LLC; and Farrell & Norton Naval Architects. The outcome of their collective effort contradicts the old saw that if you want to kill any idea in the world set a committee to work on it.Propulsion powerA pair of Cummins K38M Tier 2 diesels deliver a total of 2000 HP through Twin Disc MGX-5321 gears to 72x65-inch Bird Joh... [More]

Offshore Supply Vessel by Chevalier a Mini Hotel with Punch

By George Backwell at May 25, 2013 05:20
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Offshore wind-farms, oil/gas rigs and platforms, demand service in the North Sea energy sector as new wind turbines are planted at just the same time as a revitalised oil industry booms, fed by recent advances in deepwater energy extraction technologies. The problem is that there are not enough skilled workers to meet the demand, according to a recent BBC focus on reborn offshore services hub Aberdeen, Scotland; and alarmingly the shortage is likely to become progressively more acute. Present-day employers need to hold on to highly-trained staff, and one of the ways to do that is to keep them as comfortable as possible as they journey to-and-fro the offshore installations on the frequently lumpy North Sea.Recognising the trend, Chevalier Floatels commissioned Holland Shipyards  to convert and upgrade extensively their Offshore Service Vessel (OSV) DP Gezina, remarking wisely : “In the end it is the engineers who determine the success of any project. Preventing seasickness an... [More]

Icebreaker OSV Contract to Robert Allan as New Tugboat Takes Station

By George Backwell at April 27, 2013 00:45
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Design of an icebreaker Offshore Service Vessel (OSV) of 80-m in length might seems a fair step up from a 30-m harbour tugboat, but all in a day’s work for Robert Allan’s Vancouver-based versatile naval architects, who have just been awarded a contract for two new designs for such vessels to be built in Turkey for operation in the shallow, seasonally ice-bound waters of the Caspian Sea. TundRA 8000 OSV Preliminary Design: Image courtesy of Robert Allan Robert Allan Ltd. is an independent, privately owned firm of Consulting Naval Architects founded in 1930 when Robert Allan commenced private practice as a Consulting Naval Architect. Year on year, just like Topsy the business grew and grew until in 2008 the company was restructured to a culture of employee ownership with eleven of Robert Allan Ltd.'s core group of senior employees becoming shareholders in the firm. But a present generation Allan – Robert G. – grandson of the founder, remains Executive Chairman and... [More]

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