Simplified Diesel Electric Propulsion

By Keith Henderson at February 07, 2012 09:29
Filed Under: Company News, Research & Development
The Norwegian company Inpower A/S has produced a direct diesel electric propulsion system called ΦDRIVE (Phi drive) which can control single or multiple drives up to approximately 5MW. They claim is as flexible as a conventional diesel-electric system, yet offering the same levels of efficiency, simplicity and robustness as a conventional diesel mechanical system. The ΦDRIVE is based on directly coupled, permanent magnet machines to achieve an improvement in efficiency. The permanent magnet machines provide a more compact installation freeing up valuable revenue producing space on board commercial vessels. A ΦDRIVE has been in service in the M/F Eiksund, a RoRo car and passenger ferry of LOA 160 ft (49 m) since summer 2011. [More]

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