Lightweight 375 kW (500 hp) V12 Marine Diesel

By Keith Henderson at March 31, 2011 04:27
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At the Dusseldorf Boat Show this year there was a world premier of a new V12 diesel engine of around 375 kW (500 hp), called the RED A03. A newcomer to the marine world and at present is only available as an aero engine and is the brainchild of Russian engineer Vladimir Raikhlin, the engine is manufactured by the RED aircraft GmbH, located in Adenau, Germany.
A marine version of the aero engine is planned, having an output power of circa 522 kW /700 hp at 3,900 rpm from the .V12 liquid cooled engine with twin double overhead camshaft. A bore of 86 mm and stroke of 88 mm gives a swept volume of 6,134 cc. Further details of the marine version are planned to be announced later this year [More]

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