Scania Launches New 1000hp V8 Marine Diesel

By Keith Henderson at May 17, 2012 06:02
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At next week’s UK Seawork 2012 commercial marine exhibition, Scania will be unveiling its new V8 marine engine. Based on the truck engine introduced last year with a 130 mm bore, it displaces 16.4 liters compared to the previous model of 16 liters with 127 mm bore. Scania is aiming the engine at the commercial market of workboats, ferries, and patrolboats and incorporates many features for that purpose. The fuel system is Scania’s own PDE high pressure fuel injection system with electronically triggered unit injectors. The new engine meets the latest exhaust emission regulations of US Tier 2, EU Stage IIIA and IMO II and will have the ability to meet future regulations, with additional changes. The engine is offered in a number of power outputs to suit workboat and patrol boat ratings ranging between 550 to 1,000 metric hp (405 to 736 kW) in a speed band of 1,800 to 2,300 rpm [More]

Scania New Generation Marine Diesel Engine for RNLI Beach Launch Duo

By George Backwell at November 27, 2011 03:28
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Scania announced last month that after five years research and development they were implementing a unified global engine platform based on the latest technology for all markets and for all emission standards. One of this new generation of engines, the Scania 13-litre  marine diesel has been chosen by the U.K.’s RNLI to power its forthcoming Shannon all-weather life-saving craft. Scania New Generation 13-litre Marine Diesel Engine: Photo courtesy of Scania The rescue craft will be powered by two Scania 13-litre marine engines, each rated at 650 hp. The entire design of these engines is modular, engineered for easy servicing and maximum uptime for operators. Interestingly, Scania say that the vast majority of their diesel engines can operate on up to 100% biodiesel fuel. Mikael Lindner, Sales Director, Scania  said: “RNLI and Scania (Great Britain) Ltd worked closely together to find the best possible solution for their new life-saving vessels. The choice ... [More]

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