Shore to Ship Power Supplies

By Keith Henderson at February 14, 2012 09:21
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Port authorities are under pressure from their governments to play their part in improving air quality. ABB offer a shore to ship power supply system that can connect any ship to the grid, thereby allowing “cold ironing” or the shutting down of on board engines while in port. The ABB system comprises transformer, converter substations and berth terminal with automatic control of the synchronization process to achieve a seamless power transfer without disruption of the onboard services The first installation was completed last year at the port of Gothenburg, Sweden and they are currently installing two new systems for completion this year in Sweden and the Netherlands. The Netherlands installation is at the port of Hoek van Holland and will permit the simultaneous connection of two Stena Line vessels to the local grid. On board modification to the electrical and automation systems to enable shore-side power supply will be carried out on four ferries. The second installation in Sweden, at the port of Ystad, will have the world’s largest shore connection frequency converter and is capable of supplying up to seven ships simultaneously. [More]

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