Superyacht Owners Go for Support Vessels

By George Backwell at September 22, 2012 20:11
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Where to stow all those ‘toys’ that burden the superyacht owner was a question thankfully answered at the recent Monaco Yacht Show by luxury yacht builder Amels in the form of their superyacht ’shadow’ craft, the 67 meter (220.3 ft) long Garçon. Superyacht Support Vessel Garçon: Photo courtesy of Amels A speedboat, sets of jet-skis, a sailboat, perhaps even a submarine and a helicopter, all take up space that might otherwise be used for serious leisure aboard the superyacht, yet despite changes to the recently revised Large Yacht Code (LY3) which will lift the 3,000 gt size limit for new-builds from late 2013, it seems a growing number of superyacht owners do find the support vessel an attractive proposition. Not only does the craft provide an answer to the space problem, but it also enables fuel and store replenishment at sea, thus avoiding the need for extended voyage itineraries to be figured around bunker port calls. Superyacht shadow su... [More]

Classic Yacht With Unique Hybrid Propulsion

By George Backwell at June 09, 2012 08:58
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Reborn J-class yacht Rainbow will compete against three others later this month in a class-dedicated Falmouth, UK, sailing regatta. What’s so unusual about this big 140-ft yacht is its hybrid propulsion and power system, as we shall see. First though, the design concept. J-class Superyacht Rainbow: Photo courtesy of Holland JachtbouwThe classic yacht was launched earlier this year from Holland Jachtbouw’s yard in The Netherlands, based upon the lines of the original 1934 America’s Cup winner.The project’s naval architects Dykstra & Partners also partnered with deVosdeVries design on the interior. The original Rainbow (scrapped in 1940) was drawn by William Starling Burgees in the early 1930s whose design has now been incorporated into an all-aluminium yacht that meets the J-class Association maximum performance rules. The first Rainbow, a thoroughbred racing yacht had no engine room so there was not a great deal of space to accommodate one within the l... [More]

Superyacht Mothership for Triton Deep Submersible Unveiled by Bury Design

By George Backwell at November 13, 2011 03:59
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Australian design studio Bury Design was commissioned by Triton Submarines, a respected commercial submarine manufacturer located in Florida, to come up with a different kind of superyacht;  an ocean-going mothership capable of carrying and launching a Triton 3300/2 submersible anywhere in the world. In superyacht parlance, appendages for excursions away from the yacht (jet skis for instance) are euphemistically termed ‘Toys’ and this submersible is some toy indeed. Weighing in at only 8820 lbs (4000 kg) yet able to take two people down as far as 3300 ft (1000 m) to view the wonders of the deep through its clear acrylic spherical dome for up to ten hours of battery-powered underwater exploration. Superyacht Mothership BD 95: Image credit Bury Design The Bury Design 95 The tag ’95’ refers to the length in feet (28.95 m) of the mothership, which in comparison to a 14.8 ft (4.5 m) breadth reveals a slim hull profile that brings the benefits of low power... [More]

Superyacht Pershing 108 - Builders Opt for Three Prime Movers

By George Backwell at October 23, 2011 00:08
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The high performance luxury superyacht Pershing 108 was launched at Fano on the Adriatic coast of Italy earlier this year with three V-16 engines in the 2000 range of MTU’s  high speed diesel engines installed as prime movers rather than two larger units in the same manufacturer’s 4000 series that would have yielded about 500 bhp more. On the face of it a strange choice, worth examining for its logic; but first more about this fast (load displacement service speed 35 kts) innovative sports yacht. Pershing 108: Photo courtesy of Ferretti Group The Pershing 108‘Pershing’ indicates a brand name with an honourable pedigree in the Ferretti group of yacht builders, and the model identifier ‘108’ refers to the length of the boat in feet (about 33 m). Interestingly, the  propulsion system is an  Arneson Surface Drive  coupled to each engine to turn six-bladed surface-piercing Rolla propellors; a system which the manufacturers claim, a... [More]

Ocean Empire Superyacht is the First Self Sufficient Zero Carbon LSV

By Jocelyn Redfern at January 05, 2011 10:05
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Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the Ocean Empire life support Superyacht, the worlds first totally self sufficient Zero Carbon Life Support Vessel (LSV) [More]

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