Turbine Blade Coating To Combat Wear

By Keith Henderson at January 10, 2012 00:53
Filed Under: Company News
ABB Turbocharging is offering special axial turbine blades with hard-faced tips to counter accelerated circumferential wear for engines burning lower qualities of heavy fuel oil (HFO) and particularly with heavy duty operating profiles. Abrasive combustion residues on the turbine diffuser causes wear resulting in loss of turbocharger efficiency remedied only by replacement of the complete set of turbine blades. ABB’s special hard wearing turbine blades, nicknamed “dragon’s teeth” effectively scrape away hard damaging HFO deposits reducing wear to within tolerance and do not require to be changed at overhaul. Dragon’s teeth turbine blades are optional on new turbochargers and will be offered for existing TPL -A and TPL -C model turbochargers on engines operating on HFO. [More]

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