Canadian Hybrid Research Vessel

By Keith Henderson at August 16, 2011 05:42
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The hybrid research vessel project of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, will lengthen the original hull by 21.6 ft (6.6 m) giving a new LOA of 125 ft (38.2 m). To lower emissions and enable acoustic measurements, a new hybrid electric propulsion system is specified consisting of twin 200 kW electric azimuth thrusters plus a single bow thruster. Electric power can be supplied by a 232 kWh lithium battery bank, diesel gensets of 215 kW or a Ballard fuel cell operating on hydrogen. BMT Fleet Technology, of Ottawa, Canada is collaborating with the University of Victoria in the design, Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd., BC, provide ship management services for the University and is responsible for the delivery of the converted ship.and delivery: the refit is expected to take several months. [More]

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