New Era for Tanker Shipping

By Keith Henderson at December 07, 2010 07:43
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Yesterday in London, the DNV classification society unveiled the Triality VLCC concept vessel. The vessel is fueled by liquified natural gas (LNG), has a special hull shape that does not require the use of ballast water and virtually eliminates harmful exhaust emissions. A further bonus is its attention to the problem of vapors emitted by the cargo and providing a solution to use them. The LNG fuel carried is sufficient for 25 000 nautical miles of operation. The new vee shaped hull with revised cargo tank layout dispenses with the use of ballast water in the empty condition: rendering a higher net efficiency for a round trip. Cargo vapors are collected , liquefied and stored as LPG for later use during the trip. DNV estimate that the capital cost of their new design will be 10-15 per cent more however the through life cost saving will be 25 per cent less than an equivalent VLCC of conventional design. [More]

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