Marine Electrical Energy from Chaotic Motion Generator

By George Backwell at January 10, 2014 22:20
Filed Under: Research & Development
Home-based inventors, inspired to give real meaning to the much over-used word ‘innovation’, are burning the midnight oil in garage workshops and on kitchen tables all over the world, but very few of them stay the course to get a device patented and glimpse commercial opportunities on the horizon. One of the few is British inventor Martin Wickett who went on to found the small business WITT Energy (aided by his wife Marie) with aims to develop and capitalise on his ‘Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer’ (WITT)  device.Energy from chaosThe WITT technology is capable of collecting chaotic motion in any direction clockwise, anti-clockwise, up and down and back and forth at any speed to turn a flywheel and create electricity. The system has numerous potential applications in the marine environment - sea, river or tidal - from lighting navigational buoys to GPS systems, or even the charging of a moored boat’s batteries. The size of the device can match the r... [More]

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