Tiny Water Jet Propulsion Challenge for Rolls-Royce

By George Backwell at October 28, 2012 04:37
Filed Under: Research & Development
Development of a mini-water jet propulsion system with a diameter of just 100 millimetres to quietly propel an unmanned surface craft on remotely controlled intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, is the daunting challenge to be tackled by Rolls-Royce as they participate in a US Government funded project led by Candent Technologies Inc. Image credit: US Navy Candent Technologies, based in Greenfield, Indiana, was selected for the award of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I contract from the U.S. Navy.  This Phase I program of the contract is the first step in the development of a high efficiency heavy fuel propulsion system for a small surface unmanned craft (volatile fuels like gasoline, hydrogen, propane, or methanol not permitted).The project, known as MUSCL (the US Navy’s Modular Unmanned Surface Craft Littoral) is to develop an X-class unmanned surface vessel, whose purpose is to reduce risk to manned forces and perform tedious and rep... [More]

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