World's Largest Windfarm to be Serviced by 'Leggo' Workboats

By George Backwell at October 28, 2011 23:28
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U.K. offshore wind farm ‘London Array’ will be the world’s largest when its 175 wind turbines, each around 147 m tall, start feeding their 630 MW (via two offshore sub-stations) into the national grid by the end of next year. Part of a fleet of work boats servicing this wet-footed generating station located in the waters of the outer River Thames estuary will be from Brightlingsea based builder CTruk Boats who recently announced the delivery of the first of three multi-purpose catamaran work boats contracted by windfarm project leaders Siemens. This first boat, CWind Alliance was delivered last week to skipper/owner Andy Harman in home port Ramsgate and features an innovative ‘flexible pod’ construction, an entry shortlisted in the Sea Work 2011 ‘Innovation Showcase’ international competition’. CWind Alliance: Photo courtesy of CTruk Boats ‘Leggo’ Flexible Pod ConstructionBen Simpson, Managing Director of CTruk Boats expla... [More]

Innovative Windfarm Service Vessel Design

By Keith Henderson at June 28, 2011 07:27
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BMT Nigel Gee, UK has designed a Windfarm Service Vessel incorporating technologies to enhance the operational efficiency of the craft. It has an aluminum hull of LOA 64 ft (19.4 m), beam 23 ft (7 m) and draft of 3.2 ft (1 m). Propulsion is by twin MTU 8V2000M72 each rated at 720 kW (965 hp) and powering a Hamilton type 571 waterjet. Considerable thought has gone into the practical aspects of the vessel’s duties. Passenger and crew comfort is improved by the use of a resiliently mounted superstructure. Going bow-on to the wind turbine column is simplified using a patented Active Fender System so that a (wind) Turbine Access System (TAS) can be deployed. [More]

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