Eco-friendly Baltic Sea Vessel to Burn LBF in Wärtsilä Diesel Engines

By George Backwell at July 03, 2011 05:16
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An unusual kind of ship is taking shape in the STX Finland shipyard in Turku, Finland. The Aura ll, due for delivery in spring 2012 for multipurpose operations in the Baltic Sea for Finnish owners Gaiamare (a subsidiary of the Meriaura Group) is designed to carry bulky lifts of Finland's lumber, containers, or even wind-farm modules on a spacious deck; while if occasion demands, even to operate as an oil-spill response vessel. That’s not all though: down below are three Wärtsilä 6L20 main generating sets that will power diesel-electric propulsion by means of either liquid bio-fuel (LBF) or MDO making this unique 4,350 dwt ship truly adaptable both above and below decks. Multipurpose Bio-diesel Fueled Aura ll: Artist's impression courtesy of STX Finland   Liquid Bio-fuel Sourced From Fish Processing PlantsA departure from the normal vegetable-based product, the LBF is to be supplied by another Meriaura Group company, Sybimar, based in remote Uusikaupunki near t... [More]

Volvo Penta Pod-drive Boat Sails for IMDS Show & Baltic Sea Odyssey

By George Backwell at June 25, 2011 21:41
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The patrol-craft PTA80 set off from Gothenburg, Sweden on 16, June 2011 to prove itself over a twenty-nine day trip around the Baltic Sea propelled by the latest inboard pod-drive from Volvo Penta, the IPS1050 twin. Seven ports in five different countries are to be visited by the test boat in the course of the 2,096 nm odyssey, including a highlight week at St. Petersburg in Russia for this year’s International Marine Defense Show (IMDS) where PTA80 will join an international fleet of some forty display craft of various sizes. PTA80 Patrol Craft: Photo credit Volvo Penta Pod Drives The pod drive is a relatively new innovation for recreational and work boats, so a brief explanation may be in order before continuing. In a sense like their big pod relatives, the azimuth pods that are commonplace in present-day cruise ships, these systems for much smaller vessels consist of pods with propellors slung below the craft (driven by inboard engines) and computer controlled to produce... [More]

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