LNG powered cruise ship

By Keith Henderson at August 02, 2011 07:18
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Resulting from a cooperation of the French STX Europe and Stirling Design International, a radical new concept for a cruise ship called EOSEAS was developed. EOSEAS is a cruise ship of 105,000 dwt: Electric power is provided by four dual fuel LNG diesel electric gensets each of 8 MW, supplemented by photovoltaic panels on side and upper deck. There are four screws, two pump propellers with shaft lines on the outriggers and two pump propellers on the main hull. The design claims to have met its objective of reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions by 50 per cent, the reduction in CO2 was aimed at 50 per cent but is expected to be 52 per cent [More]

Renewable Energy Project

By Keith Henderson at October 16, 2010 17:03
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Lloyd's Register is collaborating on a project to create a fleet of commercial coasters powered by a combination of sails and marine engine using biogas as a fuel. The project was instigated by B9 Shipping,. part of the B9 Energy Group. which operates and maintains 45 wind farms on the British Isles as well as developing tidal projects and biogas production. Estimates show that UK biomass power generators may need up to 45 million tonnes of biomass per year. B9 shipping wants to build up to 50 vessels to transport 30 million tonnes a year of wood chips, wood pellets and biocoal pellets from mainly Scandinavia by 2020. The 3,000 dwt coastal vessels are equipped with sails, with biogas powered Bergen engine(s) providing power when sail power is not available. [More]

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