Diesel Electric Propulsion for Liftboat a NES ‘Belt & Braces’ Solution

By George Backwell at August 24, 2013 04:37
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A diesel electric propulsion system from a fairly new company based in Bergen, Norwegian Electric Systems (NES), is to be installed in the self-elevating work and accommodation barge ‘GMS Enterprise’ now under construction in the Middle East by Gulf Marine Services (GMS). The propulsion system for the DP2 rig is NES’s proprietary Quadro Drive® VFD, which gives an exceptional level of safety redundancy with its Black Out Safety System (dubbed B.O.S.S.).Quadro Drive® The Quadro Drive®, explains the manufacturers, is specially designed for ship installation and meant to set the standard of next generation propulsion converters; there is no need for a large transformer, as there is just one unit to install, making installation much easier and less expensive. Quadro Drive® typology: Rendering courtesy of NES A modular-based system is the cornerstone of the Quadro Drive® which gives possibilities for interchangeable parts, and an option of derating the d... [More]

Propeller shaft enclosure system

By Keith Henderson at July 09, 2010 16:34
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There is a patented device claiming to give between 6 to 10 per cent increased efficiency to the propulsion system applying mainly to planning hulls with inboards. The BOSS (Bolt On Shaft System) as it is called, basically is a tube that encloses the immersed part of the propeller shaft and combines it with a seal and thrust bearing that is mounted directly on to the hull. The self contained unit eliminates through hull sealing and alignment difficulties, and allows the gearbox and engine to be mounted free of thrust considerations. The propeller end of the tube is supported by a P-bracket type of arrangement. For the boat builder, installation times are substantially reduced and the built-in watertight shaft seal ensures a dry bilge. For the user, the reduced losses give the benefits of lower fuel consumption, improved range or a higher top speed. It’s available for shaft diameters of one to four inches (25 – 102mm) and is claimed to lower propulsion noise and vibration.

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