Korean Car Carrier Puts ‘Garage Roof’ to Productive Use

By George Backwell at June 03, 2012 00:21
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STX Pan Ocean recently installed a photo-voltaic power generation system on its ocean-going 60,396 gt car carrier STX Dove, the first such system to be fitted to a Korean vessel. The photovoltaic power generation modules installed on the STX Dove, each 25 m wide and 11 m long, can generate a maximum of 24 kW from a total of 240 heat collection plates. The modules provide 5% of the electric power required for the operation of the ship including that for the engine control system, the air handling unit, lighting system, etc. Photo-voltaic Solar Modules Atop 'STX Dove': Photo credit STX Group Through the modification of the module, STX plans to increase the output up to 60 kW this year and 120 kW in 2013. The company expects that it can ultimately provide approximately 30% of the power necessary for the operation of the ship by making use of solar energy, and in so doing decrease CO2 emissions as well as make a discernible saving in the bunker fuel bill.STX say that group in-house exp... [More]

"K" Line's LNG Powered Car Carrier Project

By Keith Henderson at August 23, 2011 05:52
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Shipping line K-Lines, Japan is developing, KHI and DNV, a car carrier to be powered by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). The vessels of length 470 ft (143 m) will have a capacity for 2,000 automobiles and is planned to be in service by 2015. The vessel will have two LNG tanks, each in its own independent compartment. Propulsion is by twin Kawasaki KG-12 in-line twelve cylinder Green Gas engines each of 5MW at 720 rpm via a twin input, single output (TISO) gearbox driving a single CP propeller. [More]

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