Bearing Wear Monitoring

By Keith Henderson at November 30, 2010 08:08
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After successful field tests conducted by Hapag-Lloyd and MAN Diesel & Turbo, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) classification society have issued type approval for the AMOT XTS-W+ Bearing Condition Monitor. The XTS-W+ system uses proximity sensors to measure the position deviation of, the crosshead bearing, crankpin bearing and main bearing. There are obvious savings of costly repairs by predicting if and when a repair is required. In addition, classification societies do not require mandatory open-up inspections which sometimes forms the source of other failures. [More]

New Developments in Sensor Technology

By Keith Henderson at June 26, 2010 07:33
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Making possible the growth in Condition CM/CBM to improve reliability and maintenance on board ships is the development of computers connecting to compact sensors using, wired or wireless communications. The Silicon Valley-based SRI International, has developed advanced Vibration Imaging Technology (VIT). SRI recently granted Sensors Inc. a global manufacturing and distribution license to develop a diagnostic system using their VIT. The system uses a special camera and patented software enabling a computer to detect and analyze vibrations on the surface of objects in its field of view. No special lighting or physical connection to the object(s) is required. The opportunities for monitoring marine propulsion and auxiliary applications are indeed large. The system is so sensitive that images can be monitored pixel by pixel and any variation is immediately detected. Used to monitor the mechanical health of machinery with rotating parts, abnormal vibrations are immediately recognized by the system and may indicate intervention or shut down is required. [More]

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