Ships Slow Down – Piston Rings, Liners, Corrode Faster

By George Backwell at May 12, 2012 09:27
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Ocean-going ships, presently in an excess for the amount of cargo to be lifted, increasingly steam at slower speeds in order to save expensive fuel oil bunker costs; better that than to be laid up reckon shipowners. Photo courtesy of Maersk Line The problem is that large marine diesel  engines are not designed to operate below 85% power for long periods without harmful effects; effects best ameliorated by getting lubricating oil of the right specs. After a quick look at lubricating oil solutions, a handy little device to check cylinder performance is spotlighted.Marine Diesel Engines & Slow SteamingExperts at Castrol Marine drew on OEM reports and their own engine performance tests to analyse the effects of slow steaming on engine performance, finding that the oil-feed rate as well as a lower engine operating temperature had a bearing on the amount of corrosion caused on piston rings and cylinder liners.At lower loads, the cylinder oil’s feed rate is reduced, making ... [More]

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