Volvo Penta Debuts New D8 Diesel Engine & IPS

By Greg Trauthwein at June 14, 2016 13:33
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Ever since the global financial meltdown of 2008 briefly crippled the world leisure boat market, Volvo Penta adopted a strategy to increase its commercial market share with its family of innovative propulsion systems and controls. Last week off the west coast of Sweden, Maritime Reporter & Engineering News got up close and personal with the new D8 diesel and IPS15 pod, as well as the full range of command and control products courtesy of a day of test drives at Krossholmen, Volvo Penta’s Global Marine Testing Center. By Greg Trauthwein [More]

Superyacht Pershing 108 - Builders Opt for Three Prime Movers

By George Backwell at October 23, 2011 00:08
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The high performance luxury superyacht Pershing 108 was launched at Fano on the Adriatic coast of Italy earlier this year with three V-16 engines in the 2000 range of MTU’s  high speed diesel engines installed as prime movers rather than two larger units in the same manufacturer’s 4000 series that would have yielded about 500 bhp more. On the face of it a strange choice, worth examining for its logic; but first more about this fast (load displacement service speed 35 kts) innovative sports yacht. Pershing 108: Photo courtesy of Ferretti Group The Pershing 108‘Pershing’ indicates a brand name with an honourable pedigree in the Ferretti group of yacht builders, and the model identifier ‘108’ refers to the length of the boat in feet (about 33 m). Interestingly, the  propulsion system is an  Arneson Surface Drive  coupled to each engine to turn six-bladed surface-piercing Rolla propellors; a system which the manufacturers claim, a... [More]

Emergency Response Tugboat 'Nordic' – Diesel Engines & Crew Kept Gas-safe

By George Backwell at September 04, 2011 05:16
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North Sea emergency response tugboat Nordic has a remarkable ability to move in close to an oil tanker or a liquid natural gas carrier leaking toxic and flammable gas in order to fight any fire and take the stricken vessel in tow. Nordic has been strategically stationed by the German authorities on the North Sea coast, ready, willing and able to cope with that sort of eventuality since early 2011.In an environment heavily contaminated with gas the crew would be encapsulated safely in the tugboat’s air-sealed superstructure stronghold to breathe from an eight-hour supply of  oxygen; all the while, ingeniously gas-protected MTU (Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen) diesel engines would continue to pound away down below decks. North Sea Rescue Tugboat Nordic: Photo credit – Pedwiki   Gas-protected MTU Diesel EnginesNordic’s main propulsion engines are two specially equipped 20-cylinder MTU Series 8000 diesel engines rated at 17,200 kW, while two MTU type... [More]

iPad Cloud Computing for Yacht Inventories Service Records & More

By George Backwell at July 17, 2011 04:30
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Motor yachts commonly fill up their shelf-space with a hefty load of machinery manufacturer’s documentation, parts catalogs, data sheets, and troubleshooting guides, 'just in case'. However, although not widely reported in the Press, there is an emerging trend that is catching on in boating circles. The Apple iPad, taking up less room than one slim paperback, is able to digest every last bit of all the information contained in these technical publications as .pdf files, and it can also access  ‘cloud-based’ servers via  Wi-fi or 3G networks where the mass of detail is kept in one safe place. Participating owners also gain entry to a host of other useful services. Diesel engines in motor yachts and as auxiliary engines in sailing yachts have become remarkably robust and trouble-free, an absolute truism – just as long as they’re serviced regularly. These days, cruising sources say the skipper’s attention is more often claimed by all ... [More]

Cruise Ship 'Mount Washington' – New Engines Installed

By George Backwell at May 21, 2011 23:19
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Cruise ship Mount Washington, resumes service this month after her annual winter lay-up in frozen Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, but this season the old lady will be powered by a pair of newly installed forward-looking Caterpillar C32 ACERT marine diesel engines when she leaves home port Weirs Beach. Mount Washington – PropulsionThe majestic Mount Washington, launched way back in the early days of WWll is of 230 ft LOA (lengthened by 24 feet in 1982) with a 1250 passenger-capacity for daily excursion cruises to five different ports of call around the picturesque, unspoiled lake. She was originally propelled (until stripped of machinery appropriated by the U.S, Government for war use) by two Herreshoff Manufacturing Corporation 3-cylinder triple-expansion engines powered by steam from oil-fired water-tube boilers. Subsequently, in 1946, a re-engined Mount Washington was served reliably for an incredible 64 years (itself a tribute to the engine builders) by a pair of 8-cylinde... [More]

Online Test of Lube Oil Keeps Check on Water Content

By George Backwell at February 20, 2011 21:56
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"Oil and water don't mix", was oftentimes muttered to explain a certain amount of tension between deck and engine-room personnel in days long past when low-tech ships were manned with far more crew than today. However, the saying is not entirely true as far as lube oil is concerned, since it contains added chemical emulsifiers and detergent, allowing water to mix, or dissolve in this type of oil: only after saturation point is reached will water content indeed finally become separated and then the familiar saying becomes true. These additives to cylinder lube in slow-speed diesel engines are necessary to neutralize acidic products of combustion and also to keep metal surfaces clean.The latest generation of marine diesel engines has higher firing pressures and better combustion characteristics to achieve thermal efficiency, fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions even when burning low-end bunkers, but  successful operation depends upon the quality of the lubricant. High moisture ... [More]

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