LNG Diesel Electric Engines for Trail Blazer Dutch Waterway Tanker

By George Backwell at February 12, 2012 03:25
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A unique Netherlands waterway tanker – the first with diesel-electric propulsion powered entirely by LNG – will soon ply the busy 2,000 km commercial waterways that connect to Europe’s industrial hub and account for about 40% of all international freight movements in the Netherlands. The LNG Greenstream Tanker, fruit of two years R&D and negotiation with statutory authorities and consultants, is scheduled to be delivered from the Kampen yard of builders Peters Shipyards later this year. The 110 m LOA river and canal tanker represents a leap in faith by owners Interstream Barging, who are putting money on their bet that LNG will become the fuel of the future on Europe’s waterways; confident enough not to hedge the bet by going for a dual-fuel engine. LNG Greenstream Tanker: Image credit Peters Shipyards LNG Greenstream Tanker – Design LNG bunker fuel stored in cyrogenic fuel tanks under approximately 2 bar at – 162ºC is carried on deck i... [More]

Saving Energy with Dutch Air-bubble Lubrication System 'ACES'

By George Backwell at May 15, 2011 04:38
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Energy saving, fuel economy of 15%, by reducing frictional drag on the immersed hull by means of injected streams of air bubbles has been proven effective by recently concluded practical tests. Two years of trials of a technology known as ‘Air Chamber Energy Saving’ (ACES) installed in a working Dutch inland waterway tanker back up this claim. ACES Damen Shipyards in Holland commissioned the exercise in the Dutch inland waterway tanker Till Deymann provided by subsidiary company Bodewes Binnenvaart back in 2009 on the heels of detailed analysis of tank-testing and computer modelling (at the Dutch Institute MARIN in Wageningen and DST laboratories in Duisberg, Germany), that indicated the time was right for putting ACES to the test under operational conditions. Till Deymann, chosen for conversion in order to test out the ACES system, was a standard 'River Liner' type 11.45e product from the Damen yard, of 2858 dwt, with a LOA of 110 m, moulded breadth of 11.45 m, and a d... [More]

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