Maritime Energy Pavilion will energize Sea-Air-Space Expo

The Office of Naval Research will be joined by numerous companies highlighting the latest technological advances in the fields of reduced energy consumption, alternative fuels and power systems at Sea-Air-Space Maritime Energy Pavilion. [More]

Deputy Assistant SECNAV for Energy Discusses RAND Report

By Edward Lundquist at January 25, 2011 20:27
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Deputy Assistant SECNAV for Energy Discusses RAND Report From Defense Media Activity Navy WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Deputy assistant secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) for energy hosted a roundtable event Jan. 25 in Washington to discuss the recent release of the RAND Corporation's report on "Alternative Fuels for Military Applications," which was submitted to Congress Jan. 24. The RAND report was submitted as a result of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2009, Section 334, which directed the Secretary of Defense to fund the research and development of alternative and synthetic fuels. Tom Hicks, deputy assistant SECNAV for energy, discussed the Navy's reservations on the accuracy and impartiality of the report. "The lack of engagement with the leading voice on alternative energy, the secretariat, has caused us to have reservations about this report. We haven't been consulted or asked to provide input on the secretariat level." said Hicks. "Unfortunately we think there are some mi... [More]

Development in batteries

By Keith Henderson at June 08, 2010 09:31
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At last month’s International Tug & Salvage Conference, Corvus Energy Ltd presented a paper on a new battery type – Nickel Manganese Cobalt , NMC for short, that is particularly good for propulsion applications. It uses safe chemistry that is stable and reliable. is sealed and is compact. It can deliver a high power until fully discharge, doesn't’t deteriorate if left uncharged and hardly looses its charge over time. What does this mean for the marine industry? One example was the announcement at the Conference of an all electric tug boat, so far it is only for training purposes but heralds the beginning of a new era of electric driven vessels whether pure electric drive or hybrid diesel electric.

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