Advanced Power & Propulsion Monitoring System – ‘HEMOS’

By George Backwell at August 11, 2012 07:02
Filed Under: Research & Development
A detailed knowledge of how a vessel’s power and propulsion systems are operating gives confidence for continued safe operation. It can also help control costs and extend times between overhauls: precisely the aims of Rolls-Royce Marine’s HEMOS advanced condition monitoring system, the maritime equivalent of similar monitoring systems in the civil aircraft sector.A few years ago Rolls-Royce fitted a prototype of  ‘HEMOS’ (acronym for ‘Health & Monitoring System’) to Farstad Shipping’s offshore platform supply vessel Far Searcher, then more recently, based upon experience gained, they fitted a commercial version to the same company’s offshore anchor handler Far Scorpion. OSV 'Far Searcher': Photo courtesy of Farstad Shipping Advanced Condition Monitoring with HEMOSHEMOS has the ability to record and analyse data from as many as a 'Gee Whiz' 4,500 points  on board Far Scorpion as well as transmit it to shore for detailed a... [More]

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