Coal-burning Steamship RoRo Ferry: Great Lakes Future Uncertain

By George Backwell at March 09, 2013 05:02
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A coal-burning steamship ferry of some 400-feet in length, the car and passenger RoRo SS Badger, was amazingly still in commercial operation on Lake Michigan last summer after fifty-nine years, but whether she’ll make her sixtieth anniversary depends upon the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). SS Badger: Photo courtesy of Lake Michigan Carferry Service Presently the last coal-feed steamship in operation on the Great Lakes, the  Badger was honoured, amongst many organisations, by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a ‘Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark’. The citation reads:‘The two 3,500-HP steeple compound unaflow steam engines powering SS Badger represent one of the last types of reciprocating marine steam engines. Built by the Skinner Engine Company, most unaflow engines are single expansion. These feature tandem high-and-low-pressure cylinders separated by a common head. The Badger’s four Foster-Wheeler Type D marine boiler... [More]

MAN Propulsion Package for New Mediterranean RoRo Ferry

By George Backwell at February 23, 2013 03:44
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A RoRo ferry ordered by Italian ferry operator Visemar from the Cantiere Navale Visentini shipyard near Venice, is to be equipped with a complete MAN propulsion package, powered by a pair of 9L32/44CR medium-speed diesel engines. Visemar RoRo Ferry: Image courtesy of MAN Diesel & Turbo MAN Diesel & Turbo optimised the propulsion system for the new RoRo, which includes MAN Alpha CP propellors (driven through Renk low friction gearboxes) in close consultation with the shipyard and NAOS, the Italian RoPax ship-design specialist. These project-specific propellors deliver a very high propulsive efficiency, leading to substantial fuel-oil savings for the complete propulsion plant.Main EnginesThe 9L32/44CR engines, which comply with IMO Tier II exhaust gas emission regulations, each develop 5,040 kW at 750 rpm and are complemented by 2 × Renk RSV 900C gearboxes and 2 × Alpha CPP propellers.These engines use the latest MAN Diesel & Turbo common rail technology which all... [More]

Solar Panels – Wings of the 'Tonbo' (Dragonfly) Boat

By George Backwell at April 23, 2011 22:13
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"We are confident we can build everything up to ocean liners and in fifty years time people will look back at boats of the 20th Century and they'll say – where are the wings?" says Dr Robert Dane, CEO of Australia-based Solar Sailor Holdings, which is collaborating with Japanese company Eco Marine Power and others in the development of concept Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) solar ferry or solar tourist boat Tonbo. Unique Design Tonbo in Japanese means ‘dragonfly’ and a glance at the sketches of its folding solar-panel modular ‘wings’ and ‘dragonfly-eye’ forward control station structure will convince how very apt was this choice of name. The solar panel ‘wings’ can be raised or lowered by Eco Marine’s control system: raised to optimise absorption of prevailing sunlight or to increase the field of view from the passenger cabin; lowered flat in bad weather or for transit under low bridges. Eco Marine’s design philosophy wa... [More]

Dual-fuel to LNG Marine Engines – One Step Closer

By George Backwell at December 26, 2010 23:00
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Dual-fuel marine diesel engines are increasingly being fitted to new-buildings where twin benefits of negligible noxious gas emissions (thanks to squeaky-clean combustion) and  economical performance come to bear when the engine operates in LNG mode. Indeed analysts are agreed that it is only the sparse availability of LNG bunkering facilities world-wide that limits installation of far greater numbers of dual-fuel systems at a time when prices for oil fuels are uncertain, and when environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. For vessels with ready access to LNG as a fuel source, there has been a natural progression in the fitting of dual-fuel engines, beginning with large LNG carriers themselves using boil-off cargo gas when loaded.  Now that progression has extended to include far smaller ships (with a no less an important role in drilling operations) which also have ready access to the fuel  – LNG Platform Supply Vessels (PSV's). PSV's in the... [More]

STX Finland, Viking Line Sign Agreement for $330m Cruise Ferry

By Jocelyn Redfern at November 04, 2010 15:11
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STX Finland Oy and Viking Line ABP have signed a preliminary agreement for the construction of a new generation cruise ferry for Viking Line. The agreement includes an option for a sister ship. The ship price will be about $330m, and will be built at Turku shipyard for delivery in the beginning of 2013. [More]

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