How Green is Green?

By Keith Henderson at June 25, 2010 07:20
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A Green Ship Event in Rotterdam hosted by the company Imtech. closed with a lively discussion following a series of “green” presentations..Although the term “Green Ship” is a fashionable term, it is very loose in meaning as it is so far undefined. When a ship is called “green” is it light green or dark green, and green in which respects? If it is only the hull color, then that is all it is but so often it is used to suggest the ship is somehow clean or non-polluting or low on emissions, exhaust or otherwise. Can you have a green ship without doing an audit of the whole life of the ship from conception through building, its life at sea and finally its end? Another important aspect is training, the ship can have several green features but if the crew doesn’t know how to use them, they won’t be used, so the greenness will fade. So in conclusion green is not an absolute state but more a relevant term. It would be better if we all started using the term “greener”, rather than green!

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