Constitution Sails Back Into History

By Edward Lundquist at June 06, 2011 10:05
Filed Under: General, Navy News
America's oldest commissioned warship, USS Constitution, and indeed the oldest such combatant in any navy, still gets underway, as it did yesterday to salute the U.S. Navy's victory at Midway Island during World War II with 200 Gold Star families aboard as guests.  Although the ship does not operate without tug assistance, it does get underway, and on occasion will unfurl sails.  Her Sailors must learn their sailing skills aboard the U.S. Coast Guard's training bark USCGC Eagle, home ported about two hours away at New London, Ct.Seeing the ship underway serves to remind us of a day when canvas and wind were the means of propulsion for virtually all ships, in trade or armed for war.Constitution’s crew today is very much a team of contemporary surface warriors in a high-tech Navy, but has the honor of perpetuating naval customs and traditions, not to mention technology.  This is evident not only from her sails, but from her gig crew's participation in a recent boat r... [More]

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